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Termite Protection Melbourne
  • Termite Bait Station - $110 Inc GST per station
  • Termite Stump Spray AS3660.1 - $11 Inc GST
  • Termguard Reticulation Refill - Starting $400 Inc GST
  • Termite Reticulation Install AS2870 - $21 Inc GST LM
  • Termite Part A Collars AS3660.1 - $22 Inc GST per collar
  • Renovation or Extension Termite Certificate - Starting $330 Inc GST
  • Termite Treatment (sign off) AS3660.2-2000 - Starting at $550 Inc GST
  • Termite Part B Perimeter - BLANKET - AS3660.1-2014 - $25 Inc GST LM
  • Termite Part B Perimeter - CHEMICAL - AS3660.1 - $11 Inc GST LM
  • New Construction Termite Protection Part A & B AS3660.1-2014 - $880 Inc GST
  • Termite Treatment If Infested, full treatment AS3660.2-2000 - Starting $880 Inc GST

All termite treatments come with a full report including information on allied areas beneficial to termite damage and how to fix the problems as well as facts about all termite damage found. We do a full visual termite Inspection that meets Australian standards for architects, builders, developers, or new homeowners – Termite management part a and part b, please be aware of AS.3660.1-2104 there are 2 parts and are part a and part b certificate of compliance is given once the home, unit or house is finished. Part A and part b of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) require that the home during the building stage and use must resist any termites. The termite installer provides two deemed-to-satisfy options for termite protection of and the building where a termite zone is present of compliance and will pass the satisfaction.

For all new home buyers looking to build a new home, build a new timber deck or just do a renovation or extension of your existing home or commercial factories or warehouse. All builders will carry out all types of termite protection and follow the building code of Australia (BCA) AS3660.1. Part A is the first part we do around the plumbing pipes, we install a termite collar that protects the termites from rising into your home. Part b is the second part we do and this is a termite blanket barrier shot in from a ram set gun at the edge of the slab, and the bottom plate on your timber frame sits on top of it, this is put in place after your concrete slab is finished. Once this is done, we will issue a termite certificate of compliance AS3660.1-2014 and install a sticker in the meter box, so you can give your certificate to your building surveyor or local council and at the end of the build you will get your certificate of compliance.

There are now a few different choices than ever for termite protection required following as3660.1. The correct treatment option for your problem will depend on the level of termite damage, or new house construction for parts A and part b. Termite treatment is generally split into two different stages of the construction: Termite soil barriers and foaming the walls provide barriers a sealed chemical barrier around and under the paving that termites find blocked. The termite treatment barrier will take the form of injecting drill holes or trenching, dependent on the type of home. The trench or drill hole is injected with a chemical Termidor which is a repellent, water-based chemical (which kills termites), or a gets rid of termites with the chemical which is distributed through the termite territory by the force.

Traditional liquid termite barriers are the most effective termite treatments under homes, around the perimeter of the house with a lox toxic Termidor, Biflex Aqua Max is another option for termite part a and part b is the recommended dose and these products are unscented, plants, safe for families and pet owners. This service is carried out in conjunction with a termite management system put in place. All of our work will pass the Australian standards for the certificate of occupancy As3660.1

Termite treatment and termite protection work are done by rap termite control Melbourne. Termites to all kinds of treatment work from tiny termite protection AS3660.1 2014 to a big termite treatment AS3660.2 2000. All termite certificates of compliance part a and part b treatments are given after the building is termite-proof. Termite management (BCA) is guided by the Australian Standards AS3660.1-2014 for all new builds and AS3660.2-2017 for all existing homes. The (BCA) makes up the Australian Standards as a minimum treatment guideline. The local council designated termite areas that require termite protection and certification to these Australian Standards in Melbourne.

Commercial factory and warehouse prices start at $550 • How much does it cost for an average termite treatment cost thereabouts $1500 • How much does a termite treatment cost $880 starting price • Termite certificate part a & part b cost start at $880 • Termite protection certificate AS3660.1 cost start at $550 • Termite pipe fill up can cost up to $350 • Termite treatment with foam can cost from $330 and $880 depending on the termite damage. • Chemical termite treatment can cost between $550 to $5500