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Treating both residential and commercial properties across Melbourne, we have established a reputation for excellent service, exceed all industry standards and only use premium low toxic products for best pest extermination.

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Melbourne Termite Control

Have been protecting Melbourne homes from termites since 2010. Trusted by the local builders and community for years. Make contact with us today for all your termite control needs, and we’ll be sure to arrive on-time and safely attend to your termite control needs!

New builds termite protection following AS3660.1 prices start at $440 for AS3660.1 termite certificate prices start from $335. Termite protection part a & part b to existing homes, the cost is there about $888. Prices change for the termite protection house size and house squares, every termite protection quote may be alternative. If you're after a quick price, email us or call on our mobile.

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Offering termite protection for part a & a part b to all commercial factories, warehouses, new homes, existing homes, footing spray, house renovations, basement, timber deck sprays, and house stump chemical sprays. MTC can install any type of physical or chemical injection barrier by AS3660.1 before or after the concrete has been done, certificates are certified by a professional installer.

Cheap termite treatments are usually carried out by using a non-branded chemical, this is the only way you can cut costs down on termite protection in all homes. We like to use branded products like Termidor and don't recommend using any generic products. Cheap termite protection usually doesn't have that effect and doesn't last as long as Termidor which can last up to 8 years if it's applied the correct way.


Termite protection AS3660.1 certificate of compliance is a physical barrier for any new or existing construction. Termite protection is required for any stamped building permit following AS3600.1 Part A is at the very start of the construction, for example, termite collars around the plumbing, stump, and footings are a physical barrier, or they can be a chemical barrier which is still classified as part a. ​Part B is a termite barrier blanket, and it's installed around the edge of the concrete slab before the frame goes up. Part B can be a chemical termite barrier, just depends on the type of construction and situation.

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White Ants

Termites are commonly referred to in Melbourne as ‘white ants’. These pests cause thousands of dollars in damage to houses and structures in the Melbourne suburbs, making your home a termite pest free is the key. We do all new pre-construction termite protection to new & old homes with a certificate of compliance AS3660.1 is given on every job when part A & part B is completed.

Does termite damage worry everyone? If so, you are not standing alone. Every day, termites cause thousands of dollars in construction damage, and homeowners spend over a billion dollars to fix the issue. The fact addressing on how you, as a client, can spot and help protect your wealth from termites through effective averting measures and suitable use of termite care.

So your home has termites, and you want the most effective termite treatment that we have to offer? Are you looking for a reliable termite protection service in Melbourne? We can help you make the right decision.

Termite Treatment Services

Treatments vary, so we will explain the differences and limitations of each termite treatment. When you have termite controlling services carried out there, any are two key termite management systems; either you are trying to create a barrier in between the termites and the building to be protected (chemical injection) or you are trying to kill the termite colony or a (baiting system).

The first stage in avoidance is to be the awake for termite damage. Termites hardly appear from the soil, mud tubes, or water sources through which they are tubing. Lots of people are not up to date if they have termites until they see a pour or come across damage during building.

When it comes to termite protection in Melbourne homes, a chemical barrier is the more conventional termite handling approach for termite control, however, colony eradication via interception and baiting has some distinct benefits that are hard to ignore.

Chemical Treatment

Termidor chemical treatments stop termites entering the building, so you can either have a sub floor treatment or a full perimeter treatment.

A located treatment is designed to prevent termites from entering a specific area of your house. A full perimeter treatment is designed to protect the termites from entering your home. One popular non-repellent chemical is Termidor (Up to 8 years of residual life). We recommended the choice is a non-repellent chemical called Termidor Fipronil.

Chemical treatment is a termite control measure that establishes a continuous treatment zone within and around your house. It acts as a barrier to prevent termites from digging through the soil, entering your property, and ultimately infesting the structure.

Dig and Treat

Digging a trench-line trough around the boundary of the dwelling, then with a chemical treatment the trench with a non-repellent chemical, refilling the back filling the hole with soil, and retreating the same area again. This termiticide chemical barrier method can provide long-lasting termite control on your build for up to 8 years and can be replaced.

Drill and Inject

This process involves drilling small unseen holes through the concrete, outside paving like driveways, through the joints, and around the outside of the home. A non-repellent chemical is then injected underground in every hole using an injection tool for the treatment. The holes are caped back after the injection is completed. The non-repellent chemical does not kill the termites on impact, however, allows it them to live and pass to the nest, pollute all the termites, and wipe out the whole colony.

Trelona In Ground Baiting

The Trelona in ground bait stations used for termites is completely non-toxic to humans, pets, kids, and your organic garden. This is where the interception system comes into play. The capture side of the system consists of underground termite monitoring stations.

Baiting a termite colony is a procedure that takes a few weeks for the baiting method to start working. In fact, the baiting method involves carrying out a full pest inspection of your home. The positioning of a tamper resistant bait station on current termite activity, which you need to inspect the bait box yearly to determine the colony situation and top up of the bait. Once the settlement begins eating on the bait, they will no longer pursue to damage your house. Within weeks, the colony is either defunct or well on its path out.

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Trelona In-ground baiting stations are also very successful in control a large termite invasion. The baiting procedure is set up by installing 10 small plastic underground bait stations, suitably located around the outside of the property. These ground bait stations have active cartridges which will take it back to the nest and kill off the queen.

We do highly recommend having a 12-month program with an ongoing servicing interval for the termite control and eradication outcome. Recommend carrying out an annual bait program service to eliminate those little suckers.

Termites Look Like

Termites are very similar to black ants, and that’s why plenty of people are confused. Because they are mute and would rather stay unseen, you are most likely to see the activity of termites alternatively of seeing the various insects.

​There are also several kinds, and it’s significant to determine their type to carry out the correct treatment. Termites are small white insects with a straight waist, and straight antennae, and are generally white or translucent.

In most cases, they can be very hard to detect by because they look like normal ants, but these are white. Specifically, when they travel beneath the ground, inside walls, below the flooring, and vary somewhat within roof voids.

Termite Treatment Costs

Chemical Termite barriers are by very much the best vastly used type of termite deterrent as they may be used on established construction and which can be chemically sprayed, set or dusted into challenging-to-scope points and can include a wide area in a short amount of duration.

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  • Signs You Have Termites In Your Home
  • Termite Protection Certificate AS3660.1
  • How Much Does A Termite Treatment Cost?
  • Termite Certificate Of Compliance Part A & Part B
  • DIY Termite Control Options You Can Choose From
  • Trelona In Gound Bait Stations Cost $1,100 for approx 10
  • How To Prevent Termites Is To Stop Moisture From Rising
  • Cheap Termite Treatment cost between $550.00 to $990.00
  • Chemical Termite Barrier Cost Around $880.00 – $3500.00
  • Termite Bait Systems Can Cost Approx $880.00 For A Small House
  • Types Of Termite Treatment Can Vary On The Cost Of Your Budget
  • Liquid Chemical Barrier Treatment Is The Most Effective Protection
  • Non-repellent Liquid Treatment Is Not That Effective For Live Termites
  • How Much Can A Termite Treatment Cost For A Full Treatment, $1,800.00?
  • A Termite Treatment Can Cost Approx $1,500.00 depends on the size of the home

Residential And Commercial

Treating both residential and commercial properties across Melbourne, we have established a reputation for excellent service, exceed all industry standards and only use premium low toxic products for best pest extermination.


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Costs for all natural termite control in Melbourne range from $555 for a small treatment to $5555 for a larger residence. This is the ideal option if you want a chemical-free or risk-free barrier that will protect your home from termites for 8 to 10 years. Termite in-ground baiting stations are a secondary option, and the cost depends only on the size of your house. Parts a and b of the AS3660 termite certificate must be present for all new construction or renovations to existing structures to be in compliance. Upon completion of construction, the soil must have chemical protection, physical barriers, and slab penetration collars or shields for a certificate of conformity for the occupancy. For protection against termites, an Australian standard termite management sticker must be installed and approved.

For all new home buyers, all builders, large developers, draftsman, and architects beware that the Building Code of Australia or BCA, of Australian Standard, is AS3660.1-2014. Part a is at the start of the construction, and it's called a termite collar, which is put down before the concrete slab is completed. Part a the secondary option is added and done as a termite chemical barrier before the garage slab, brick piers, stumps, or footings have been poured, this is done if placed down is you don't have any plumbing pipes coming up out from the house slab. Part b is stage 2 and is a physical termite blanket that is nailed at the edge of the slab, in some situations to put a chemical barrier down where there is no concrete around your home. A chemical reticulation system can be placed around the outside of the house at the end of the build for part b.

A registered building surveyor has to certify the property for an AS3660.1 termite certificate for compliance when you have completed the construction. Lots of people forget that the house needs termite protection before construction and miss part a the termite collar is the most common. Once you have finished part a & part b, you will get a registered certificate from the termite company that carried out the work. If you forget to do part a & part b, we can, we can treat for an AS3660.2-2017 which is a small termite treatment around the base of your home, this will get your termite certificate of compliance AS3660.1. When you are looking to purchase a home, most building inspectors will advise doing a termite pretreatment AS3660.2 if he or she thinks that it is in a termite zone.

All pre-construction termite protection provides new commercial factories, warehouses, and homeowners with effective pretreatment termite protection in the inner Melbourne suburbs. New-construction termite protection is completed over 2 parts of your home, before starting a new home from the ground up. We are licensed to sign off on a physical and chemical barrier on all termite barriers, which includes a Term seal product. Termite protection has two stages; Part A (AS3660.1-2014) which is before the concrete slab is done and then Part B (AS3660.1-2014) is around the outside of the home. Termite Management Notice Sticker is put in the front position of your home (in the electric meter box), at the end of the build: The building surveyor will not give out a permit for the new house or units with termite protection required following as3660.1.

Termites need lots of food, wood, and water to stay moving. Termite control & protection methods include baiting, foaming, and creating a chemical termite barrier. A full annual termite inspection is carried out by us and the protection against termites, can detect termite action and stop long-term harm to your house. The termite inspection will confirm that the termite protection plan put on the station is designed only for your home and the surrounding premises. Safe keeps your house or building from ongoing termite hosts and basic damage with the use of baiting, building alterations, chemical soil treatments, and other suitable measures. We’ll do initial termite protection as well as follow-ups if needed to make sure that the correct white ant and termite protection procedures have been put down and have been achieved.

New construction termite part a and part b, known as a reputable termite control and termite protection company. With over 10 years of experience, and servicing homes and commercial clients over Melbourne. One of the best termite control services in Melbourne begins with termite control protection at the start of the construction of your home. This allows us to find what termite infestation you have and how to get rid of termites. We use the best chemicals and only use Termidor termite protection, which comes with a minimum 8-10-year warranty that is made by a company called BASF. All of our termite protection plans comply with the Australian standard AS 3660 termite certificate, which comes at the end of the job. Termite protection with an injected system, dust, or foam may cost between $333 and $666 depending on the degree of the damage. Termite baiting costs approx $888 to $2555. Soil termite protection is the greatest way to keep termites out, this will cost about $888 to $4444.

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